Bearly Awake

Designer | February 2021

Bearly Awake is an app designer to help users build a bedtime routine, and help create a better sleeping schedule


With busy schedules and hustle culture being popular, many people forget the importance of sleeping. There are also people who have trouble falling asleep, due to insomnia or other issues.

Relevant Research

Getting eight to nine hours of sleep each night is beneficial in helping us regenerate our body and help it get the rest it needs. Without sleep, people will not be able to function properly throughout the day and it could cause some health problems. Research shows that the best way to get sleep is to build a consistent routine and sleeping at the same time every night. It also shows that playing calm music can help you fall asleep if you are having trouble.


The solution to this problem is to design an app that would help you sleep well at night, by creating a night time routine to help get enough sleep.


After the research was conducted, I began creating a flowchart and wireframes to begin planning out the design and flow of the app. This was done on Figma.


Bearly Awake is an app designed to help you build a routine before bedtime. It includes an alarm feature, to help you wake up after your sleep, and a playlist feature, to play music to help you rest. This was created to help users get a better nights sleep.

Bearly Awake was submitted to Pearl Hacks 2021.

Team consisted of myself as the designer and researcher of this app. Prototype of the app was created on Figma.

Received the Su-pearl-ative for Punniest Award at Pearl Hacks 2021.