Designer | January 2021

Beelicious is a website designer to help the bee population in our community and educate those on the endangerment of bees


Bees are becoming endangered in our community and need help saving.

Relevant Research

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem, but due to pollution, climate change, and overall poor care of the environment, we are losing millions of bees. They help pollinate the plants and without those plants, humans will not survive properly. We wanted to raise awareness of the issue and inspire others to take action and provide solutions and opportunities on how to help the cause.


Our solution to this problem is to design a website to educate others on the importance of bees. Information and resources would also be present to spread the word on saving bees.


Beelicious is a website created to spread awareness of bee conservation. Webpages included were for honey recipes, donations, articles, store, and other bee conservation sites.

Beelicious was submitted to Hack the Northeast: Beyond 2021.

Collaborated with another individual Contributed as a designer and prototyped the website on Figma.