Designer | Developer | January 2021


As students, we wanted to find a way to help people who are looking for jobs. Many job seekers utilized the web to show their resume, such as LinkedIn, Handshake, etc. While it is a great way to show your skills, it is difficult to show them in an in-person event, such as a job fair.


Our solution to this problem was to think to think of a way to show your skills that did not involve sharing a link. We thought carrying resumes was a bit impractical to show off, so the next best thing would be personalized business cards, the portfolio in your pocket. We decided to create a website that generates business cards to hand out to others, that provides simple contact information and links to share with others.


For our site, we wanted a simple and sophisticated way for users to easily create their card. Wireframe and mockup of the website was created on Figma


CardFolio is a website created to generate custom business cards. Users can create an account and start creating a business card.

CardFolio was submitted to nwHacks 2021.

Collaborated with another individual. Contributed as a designer for the site and prototyped on Figma and assisted with the front-end using HTML and CSS.