Mentr App

Designer | Researcher | March 2021

Mentr is an app to help job seekers find a mentor in a field they are interested in. They are able to search, connect, and meet with mentors they find on the app.


Inexperienced job seekers find it difficult to get jobs in the fields of their interest

Relevant Research

A survey created on Google Forms was sent out to students asking their opinions on mentors and the job seeking process. Many of their answers included knowing how to network, creating a resume, the interview process, and not having enough experience. 80% of the students surveyed mentioned they did not have a mentor to help guide them through this process.


The solution to this problem is to design an app that helps these inexperienced job seekers to connect with mentors in their field of interest. This app would target students looking for help with the job process and job seekers who need advice in transitioning to a new field.

Wireframing and Personas

After the research was conducted and analyzed, we began creating user personas to act as potential users for this app. After that, we created a flowchart and wireframes for the app. Personas, flowchart, and wireframes were created on Figma


Mentr is an app targeted for inexperienced job seekers to connect with mentors in careers that they are interested in.

Features of this app include a search engine for users to find mentors in the field, a calendar to book sessions to connect and meet with mentors, a profile for both the user and mentors, a chat function to stay connected, and a page to write notes and tasks.

Mentr was submitted to TILE Designathon 2021.

Collaborated with a group of four. Contributed as a researcher and designer. Created survey using Google Forms to send to others and analyzed data using Figma and Google Docs. Prototyped the app on Figma.

Mentr was created to help students looking for assistance in the job process and for job seekers, who need advice in transitioning to a new field. It can be scary and difficult to find a new career, but with the help of a mentor, you are able to learn and grow to get there!

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