Designer | February 2021


Whether we are artists or designers, we tend to get creative blocks in our process, and feel like we run out of creativity and imagination. This leads to a lot of stress and low-self esteem and feeling like we have nothing left to offer.


The solution to this problem was to design a website to help boost creativity in users. We took inspiration from different generator sites, that help new designers and artists create different pieces every time.


NovaSpace is a website that generates a journal prompt and theme to help designers practice journaling. Users are welcomed to the page and can begin generating a prompt. If a prompt shows us that they do not like, they are able to generate a new one. After they finish completing their creation, they have the option to post it to their profile.

NovaSpace was submitted to University of Washington Bothell Design Jam 2021.

Collaborated with another individual. Contributed as a designer. Project was prototyped on Figma.

This is a tool others can use to get their brain working in a fun and creative way. Our project was made specific to designing journals to help with both creative writing and design thinking.