Designer | Developer | Jan 2021


Taking care of a pet can be a bit challenging, especially if the responsibility is shared with someone else. Owners would forget to feed their pets, thinking someone else already fed them. This leaves the pet in an unhealthy state, due to lack of feeding or overfeeding.

Relevant Research

Research has shown that if two people who live together have a pet, they tend to not communicate too much on the state of the pet. For example, if one person wakes up earlier than the other, they would do all the house hold chores first, such as making breakfast, cleaning up, and taking care of the pet. By the time the second person wakes up, they would do the exact same schedule, not knowing the pet has already been fed and taken care of


The solution to this problem is to create a program that would allow 2 users to know if their pet has been fed or not. This program would press a button to let the other know that their pet has eaten.


After the research was conducted, I began creating a flowchart and wireframes to begin planning out the design and flow of the app. This was done on Figma


PawsTogether is a website created to take care of a dog with your friends. It will show if your dog is hungry or fed.

To feed your dog, you would press the "Feed Me" button, and it will show your friend that the dog has been fed.

All dogs also come with their own "PawCode" to show your friends your dog.

PawsTogether was submitted to TechTogether Seattle 2021

Collaborated with another individual. Contributed as a designer and developer. Prototyped the website on Figma and used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the development of the site.

Taking care of pets can be a bit of a challenge, especially if the responsibility is shared with someone else. The solution we came up with was to create a website where you can create an account and share your own PawCode to your fellow pet partner, and it will say if your dog has been fed or not.

Won the Wolfram Award Sponsored by Wolfram Language at TechTogether Seattle 2021.