Set Dumplings

Designer | Artist | Developer | March 2021 - Present

Set Dumplings is an interactive choose-your-own- adventure story website following the adventures of Momo and Mandu on their quest for kindness


Hate crimes against people of color have been high in the recent years. We live in a place where it's normal to see people who look different from you, but still surprising that not everyone is being treated with the same respect.

Related Research

In July 2013, the Black Lives Matter Movement began from the tragic event of Trayvon Martin, due to his race. In May 2020, George Floyd was also killed due to the same reason. In March 2021, hate crimes against Asian Americans began to escalate due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These events were key in showing that there has been a lot of hate against people of color, just because of where they came from.


We wanted to create a simple and meaningful story that not only teaches about helping one another, but also inspires the reader that our choices make an impact, so we should always choose to be kind and help each other out.

Story Creations and Wireframes

After doing research, we began to think of light-hearted stories to show an introduction on how to help other.

Stories were created and organized using Google Sheets. The spreadsheet helped us stay organized and let us know what needs to be completed for each page, such as what pages needed to be coded, what drawings needed coloring, what the next page was, etc.

Then we began to wireframe the website. Wireframe and mockup were done on Figma. We were going for a simple, comic book inspired way to tell the story of the characters. There would also be a dropdown menu for the user to choose what event should happen next.


Set Dumplings is a choose-your-own-adventure website that lets you choose the adventure for a set of dumplings! Follow the adventures of Momo and Mandu as they navigate the world with one kind act at a time.

Set Dumplings was submitted to AthenaHacks 2021, and an ongoing website, where we continue to make more stories!

Collaborated with another individual. Contributed as an artist by creating original characters and stories, as a designer by prototyping on Figma, and as a developer by working on the front-end using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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