You Grow Girl!

Designer | January 2021

You Grow Girl! is an app designed to help provide self care tips to help you through. hard day.


Despite being at home more often, it is sometimes hard to remember to take care of yourself. Nowadays It’s hard to keep a work-life balance all at home. Anyone who sets goals for themselves will need something that will give us all the motivation we to grow as healthy individuals.


Our solution was to create an app dedicated to help you take care of yourself in a time where life gets difficult. We wanted to find a way to cheer up users and help them become the best versions of themselves.


You Grow Girl! is an app dedicated to help you take better care of yourself, both physically and mentally.

Features of the app include a checklist of self-care task, mood tracker, daily journal, and a profile to keep track of everything. You Grow Girl! was submitted to HackViolet.

Contributed as a designer and prototyped the app on Figma.

“You Grow Girl” will provide at home tasks to encourage self care, goal tracking/reaching, and a community of supportive individuals who will help cheer you on whenever needed.